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June 25, 2009

Make your own yoghurt!

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Hi, Rachael again. Okay so Winona did ask about making cream cheese, there is actually two parts to this, so thought I would let you know how to make your own yoghurt first – so easy, and you don’t need any of the fancy yoghurt making machines or mixes… (more…)


June 18, 2009

Having belly issues?

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Is your digestive system not feeling quite right?

Do you only pay attention to your digestive system when there is a problem? Maybe after you have eaten a large meal and feel bloated? Or perhaps you pay attention to your digestive system only when you have had changes in bowel movements, like diarrhoea or constipation? If this is the case, (more…)

June 12, 2009

Tahini cocoa balls

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Brought to us by the lovely Rachael Kealy…

Today, I want to share a recipe for Tahini cocoa balls – yummy sweet all natural no sugar treats that will get anyone through that “I need something sweet” phase –

1 Cup Soaked Oats (12 hours soaking) or Sprouted Groats
10 Soaked dates (short time only)
½ Cup Raisins
3/4 Cup Tahini
¼ Cup carob or Cocoa powder
1 tsp Vanilla extract
2 – 3 Tsp Honey (optional)
Desicated Coconut

Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor.
Put in the fridge for up to 1 hour after blending to set a bit. Roll into balls and roll in coconut

Store in fridge to keep firm and enjoy!

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Spring is often thought of as the time for allergies, but really any change of season can trigger allergies and asthma. But what is it about moving into autumn that gets you itching and sneezing? For many people a drop in the temperature is enough of a trigger, and when the humidity drops the air becomes drier and is more likely to irritate a sensitive respiratory system. You may be bringing winter clothes out of storage in moth balls and dust is being stirred up. All of these and more could trigger your allergies or asthma. In my practice I have been investigating new natural solutions to provide greater relief from allergy symptoms than ever before. ALLERGIES ARE NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT! …to read more follow the link below my pic!

winona your naturopath

winona your naturopath


June 4, 2009

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I will be filling this blog with plenty of health review articles for your reading pleasures in the weeks to come!

Please enjoy,

warm regards,

winona your naturopath

winona’s health blog

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